Ahoy there shipmates! Here’s our line-up of majestic tall ships we’ll be welcoming to the Gloucester Tall Ships. The weekend is free-to-attend but if you’d like to hop on board one of these titans of the sea, you can do so buy purchasing a Boarding Pass right here.

La Malouine

Registered port: St. Malo
Nation: FRA
Type of rigging: Brigantine
Year built: 1968

Built in 1968-69 in Gdansk, Poland, the La Malouine converted to a brigantine using drawings by the Ducth designer Olivier van Meer in 1992 and sailed in the charter business with sailing guests mainly in the Baltic Sea. Get ready to meet Captain Roy who has renovated La Malouine! 

TS Grayhound

Registered Port: Fowey
Nation: GBR
Type of ship: 3-Mast-Lugger
Year built: 2012

Grayhound was built using traditional methods in Millbrook, Cornwall in 2012. From her Atlantic adventures of 2014 to her sail cargo business of today, the crew of Grayhound have encouraged families and young professionals to sail with them providing a low carbon alternative to traditional cargo transport. They are part of a sailing alliance, TOWT, using the power of wind for low carbon cargo transport, providing a sailing cargo delivery service between France , Portugal and the UK – beer, wine, rum, whiskey, tea and the occasional sofa.

TS Anny of Charlestown

Registered Port: Fowey
Nation: GBR
Type of rigging: Toppsegelschoner
Year built: 1930

Built in 1930, the TS Anny of Charlestown, was used in the fishery in the Baltic Sea and North Sea until 1972. Since 2019 it has been operating outside of Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall, and is available for film events, charter and festivals.

TS Irene 

Registered Port: Fowey
Nation: GBR
Type of rigging: Ketsch
Year built: 1907

Built in 1907 by F.J. Carver and Sons in Bridgwater for Captain William Lee and owner Colthurst Symons, TS Irene has sailed as part of the fleet of British merchant vessels and has appeared in blockbuster movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

TS Vilma

Registered Port: Beaumaris
Nation: GBR
Type of rigging: Toppsegelschoner
Year built: 1934

Built at the Bronsodde shipyard in Vejle, Denmark in 1934, TS Vilma was used in the fishery in Jens Viggo Iversen. In 1988, Vilma was registered as a commercial yacht with a complete overhaul of the ship including considerable hull work, construction of a new deck and conversion into a topsail schooner with single square topsail.

TS Klevia

Registered Port: Beaumaris
Nation: GBR
Type of rigging: Ketch
Year built: 1936

Built in 1936 in Denmark, TS Klevia was originally used for fishing in the North Sea. She has since been restored and traditionally rigged as a gaff ketch.

Kathleen & May

Registered port: Bideford, North Devon
Nation: Wales
Year built: 1900

The Kathleen & May is Britain’s last working three mast, wooden hull topsail schooner and the only one of her class still in operation. Built in North Wales at Connah’s Quay in 1900, she is one of the few remaining operational sailing vessels in the National Historic Ships Fleet, the sole survivor of shipbuilders Ferguson & Baird, and the last surviving Welsh-­‐built merchant sailing vessel. She was recently officially classified by the Arts Council as a National Treasure and at the Duke of Edinburgh’s behest, took part in the 2012 River Pageant to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.